Maria Ozawa the Cover Girl of FHM Magazine June Issue

           Last month, many were suprised when Maria Oza visited in the Philippines and she guested in a radio program called Boys Night  Out. Her fans were happy because finally they had a chance to meet personaly their idol whi is only a subject of their dream and fantasy.

The public became intruiged what's the purpose of her visit. Some thought that she will shoot a shor film or she have only product endorsement. The FHM Philippines revealed that Maria Ozawa is the cover for their June issue. They posted on their Facebook page their latest issue issue with alluring Maria Ozawa on cover.

Other said, you're not a true man if you don't know who Maria Ozawa is? She is a very popular adult film actress who have already made a lot of videos uploaded via internet. Some Filipino people remember her also in a quote which says, "Akala mo Maria Clara, 'yun pala si Maria Ozama". This quote refers to the new generation of Filipino women who are very flirt when they dress and how they portrays themselves towards men. Compare to the old Filipina who are very simple and a shy-type person, not a vulgar nor a flirt.

For sure, all FHM collectors out there will grab a ccopy of this very special issue. Imagine they featured Maria Ozawa on their magazine! Let us find out if she has something new to offer us. For we already seen the wholeness of her beauty!