Girlfriend for Swap Making Rounds Online

A Facebook user named Baldo Montalbo has been critisized by netizens after he posted in a group Hachi's Buy and Sell that he wanted to swap his girlfriend. He said in a post that her beloved girlfriend Thrisha is 5'4 in height and 56 kilograms in weight. He said that we wanted it to swap because she is not a virgin anymore.

Many netizens became irratated to Montalbo's post because they felt insulted for the girl. For them, he has no face value to do that because he is not handsome. They mocked him for having a long chin. Aside from that, the netizens reacted that it seems that he has no mother and a sister because he is not respecting his girlfriend. They wished that what he did would never happen to his girl relatives.

There is no report why Montalbo wanted to swap his girlfriend. All the netizens knew that this man is not on his right mind to do that to his girlfriend. But for other people, maybe he did that because he wanted to become popular in social media. They are very aware that many people these day doing unusual things to become talk of the town. Hence, there is a tendency that the public would recognize them. It doesn't matter even they become evil in the eyes of the netizens.