Celia Veloso Asks Public Apology for Attacking the Government

       Nanay Celia, mother of Mary Jane Veloso has already asked an apology to the public for attacking the Aquino administration which became impotent to the case of her daughter. Recently, she said that the government have many debts to their family that they need to pay with them. She didn't accept that the government is the one who had saved the life of Mary Jane.

Many netizens got irked with Nanay Celia's statement. They bashed the mother of Mary Jane for being lack of gratitude and arrogant. Instead to give thanks to the government because they made an effort to save the life of her daughter, she attacked the government. The netizens assumed that Aling Cecilia was being used by militant groups to discredit the government. They were aware that P-Noy broke the protocol and appealed to the Indenosian President to stop the death sentence to Mary Jane.

In a TV interview, Nanay Celia told that what she said was an outburst of emotion that's why she is asking for the understanding of the public. For her, the bashers doesn't experience the hardship that they have been experiencing for five years. If the government really wanted to help Mary Jane, maybe her daughter is totally free right now. She insisted that Mary Jane is innocent; she was only became a victim of her recruiter who told her to carry the bag with drugs.

Nanay Celia's other daughter was defended their mother. She said that Nanay Celia was only tired when they came back in the Philippines. Her mother was only used the wrong words. Instead to say the 'gisingin ang gobyerno", she said "singilin ang gobyerno". In behalf of Mary Jane who is still in danger; they asked the public that they should just continue their support for their love ones.