Angel Locsin Criticizes by Netizens Through Her Racist Tweet Against Mayweather

In this internet age, every one has the rights to express their opinion. But of course, before you write it you should think first. As what we have always hear, think before you like. Another celebrity is on the hot water because of her tweet. Angel Locsin has been criticized after she posted a racist remark against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Angel Locsin tweeted that Manny Pacquiao had been lose because he can't see Mayweather because of he has a dark complexion. That was only a joke, but other netizens took it seriously. They were insulted although they are not fans of Mayweather. For them, it is not right to anyone don't judge other people based on their skins. It doesn't matter either you have a white or a black skin. Try to call "nigger" to a black people and you will see what are you looking for.

At first, the actress was hesitited and she even defended what she said. But inthe end, she also asked an apology to the people who bashed her. She even commended the strategy of Mayweather and she congratulates Pacquiao for the good fight that he shown to the world.