What do You Need to Remain Healthy?

       Health is foremost important concern for a human. It is your health which makes you able to learn, rise, work, eat, struggle and fight. Health must never be compromised for anything for if you lost your health once, it would take you quite a lot of time to recover it back. In this article, we will discuss important aspects that one needs to know to stay healthy life long.

- Lifestyle
         Good health depends on many factors; the first one is your way of living. What is your lifestyle decides how healthy your are. Simple and natural way of living guarantees sound health. Depending and relying more on machines may suffer your health. Try to do your daily routine chores yourself like cleaning your room, washing your clothes, cooking for yourself atleast. Stay away from luxurious living and live more close to nature, you will see positive effects on your health.

- Balanced Diet
         The second important factor is your diet. What you eat makes your body accordingly, good balanced diet; a healthy body, junk and processed food; no health. Include a healthy balanced diet made up of fruits, vegetables and fish to your diet. Try to avoid supplements; there is no substitute to fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamins, minerals supplements can not accommodate for these important nutrients so always include fresh fruits and veggies in your diet to stay healthy. Include 8-12 glasses of water daily in your diet as water plays an important role in keeping you healthy and fresh all day long.

- Sleep
         Third important factor is sleep. A healthy body requires 8 hours of sleep daily. This sleep must be continuous not in breaks. Always make a habit of going to bed at night early and getting up early in the morning, as it says early to bed and early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. You work and your routine must not affect your sleep timingings as this would adversely affect your health.

- Exercise
         Fourth important factor is exercise. Start your day with simple exercise of about 10-15 minutes duration and remain active and energetic all day long. Try to make it a routine to do daily exercise of moderate nature like brisk walking, jogging, climbing stairs, swimming, cycling or any simple one with which you are comfortable with. Exercise plays an important role in keeping you healthy and fit life long. People with any physical threat must consult their doctors before doing any exercise.

- Relationships
          Strong relationships always bring positive change in your health. If you see your dear and near ones around you, you feel sense of security, protection, peace of mind and positivity in your overall health. Healthy relationships can help to guide you in difficult situations, suggest you solutions to problems, can stand by you always when you need, this all enhances your mental stability and helps in maintaining a good health. It is always necessary to have someone to encourage you to follow a healthy lifestyle and healthy routine.