Pacquiao Needs to Knockout Mayweather

      The boxing fans in the whole world are very excited to the Pacquiao Versus Mayweather that will be held on May 2. For sure, some of has have already chose who is their bet in this fight of the century. Almost boxing analysts are saying that Pacquiao is the underdog here. Aside from being a strong and aggressive boxer, Mayweather has no lose with all of his fights. They believed that the only chance for Pacquiao to defeat Mayweather, he need him to knock out.

       Even Saranggani Vice Gov. Jinkee Pacquiao, wife of Manny is agree to the opinions of the boxing analyst. So, she requested to his husband that he should knock out Mayweather although she knew that this is very hard to do. But she is confident that her husband would able to do that. Even  Manny knew that he needs to knockout Mayweather because he may lose if he can't do it.

       As of now, she with their kids are already in United States to watch the training of Manny and to give him a moral support. Jinkee doesn't know what to feel when the actual fights will begin. What she does, Jinkee is praying hard and ask the Lord to bless Manny in his fight.

     What's next for Pacquaio after his fight with Mayweather? Jinkee said that Manny has no plan if he will continue his boxing career. For her, her husband should retire because he has been already reached his goals. Even he would win or lose with Mayweather, his name will be written in the history.