NeoMich Love Team: True or Just a Hoax?

               Jam had already gone, but the negative issue about the half of JaMich is still alive. After Jam died Mich Liggayu had been involved to Neo Domingo, an aspiring singer. According to the rumors, the two has relationship after the picture of the two circulated online shown that they were sweet.
                Mich already denied the allegation; she said that she and Neo is just friend. As being friends, Neo is just there to comfort him because of the hardship that she is confronting. The You Tube celebrity appealed that don’t misinterpret what they saw. Recently, Neo had also denied the rumor; he said that it was just a misinterpretation of other people.

                On Friday, Neo wrote on his Facebook fan page that he can’t do nothing to the malicious people who are intriguing him and Mitch, and also to those who individuals who believes about the rumor. The aspiring singer also said that he has many things to do rather than to entertain the malicious news.  For the record, he said that he doesn’t have relationship with Mich and she will never be his girlfriend.

                Despite of the denial of Mich and Neo, there are still some blogs claiming that the two has a relationship. Hence, many people getting angry to Mich because it is not the right time to find again a new love, Jam had only died on March 4.