Maria Ozawa is in Manila

maria ozawa

The Filipino fans of the popular adult actress Maria Ozawa have been shocked after they confirmed that she is here in the Philippines. They can't believe that the beautiful actress will visit our country. Many Filipino men are dreaming of her; wishing that they can be with her in just one night.

Maria Ozawa became a guest on the Boy's Night Out radio program for the celebration of their 9th year anniversary. In Instagram, the host of the show teased about the guesting of Maria Ozawa. They even quoted the humorous "Akala mo Maira Clara, 'yun pala si Maria Ozawa. Some of the netizens have been envied to the hosts of Boys Night Out because they mingled with the beautiful actress which considers as the goddess of adult film.

In the other hand, the Uno Magazine posted on their Facebook fan page, how her fans could possible meet her. For sure, her fans will attend just to see her in flesh.