Lack of Sleep: A Danger

          As a result of the work piling up, you are forced to sleep late. As a result of staying up late to watch the World Cup games, your give up time is only 2 hours of sleep each day. As a result, went to the office with no weight because the body feels tired. Have you ever experienced that? Sometimes despite the best efforts, there are people who can not control his time well. Whether it's due to stress, there is the influence of drugs or other things done so that cut down on the bed. But did you know, lack of sleep it can have a serious impact on the body and mind? 

          Apparently, lack of sleep can trigger breast cancer and colorectal cancer. Various studies have also mentioned, the rate of obesity is higher in those who lack sleep because the body will demand the intake of carbohydrates and calories higher. You will feel very hungry so you will eat larger portions. This course will increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes is much higher. 

            Lack of sleep not only makes you physically impaired, but also will make your concentration and memory decreased. Furthermore, this will have an impact on the emotional side and will make you more sensitive. Sleep problems are often considered trivial because many people volunteered their time to work than to rest. But the fact is, no less precious sleep time with pleasure and material acquired since leaving. So, keep up your healthy life!