Joey de Leon Criticizes by Netizens Because of His Insensitive Joke About Nepal Earthquake

    Joking is good, but you should also be sensitive to the joke that you are delivering. This is one of the messages of the netizens for Joey de Leon who have been bashed because of her jokes which he posted on his twitter account about the magnitude 7.8 earthquake that hit in Nepal.

    The comedian and TV host wrote on his Twitter account (@AngPoetNyo): “Sa mga nalibing sa Highest Point in the World dahil sa avalanche because of the earthquake in Nepal, May you EVEREST IN FREEZE!” Many netizens criticized Joey de Leon because of his post although they knew that it was only a joke. The netizens emphasized that it was a bad joke and it may harm the feelings of other people especially the Nepal citizen who are still suffering from the tragedy that they had been encountered. Other netizens were also mentioned the Paloma case which allegedly, a gang rape victim of their gang rape during 80's

      Joey de Leon was responded to the comments of the netizens. He said, “Sa mga ‘righteous’ dyan: Do not talk to me about respect for the dead. Kausapin nyo muna creators ng Walking Dead at mga Vampire series.” But the comedian was also deleted the update to his post.