Jam's Mother Bashed Mich Liggayu About Money Issue

Jam's mother Maricris bashed Michele Ligayyu, the half of popular YouTube sensation. During in a Star Talk interview, Mrs. Sebastian broken her silence her true feeling about Mich. Before this, there was a rumored that Jam's mother and Mitch has misunderstanding.

Mrs. Sebastian mentioned that she was not made any intervention about the relationship of Jam and Mich. Even cents she didn't ask from them; but now her son was already gone, Mrs. Sebanstian said that she had a right to get their share from Jamich earning's in Jamich YouTube Channel. Jam's mother also said that even their Jamich Facebook fan page is earning. But the problem, Mich wants to take it all the earnings from Jamich social media account.

According to Jam's mother, Mich was also got some the valuable items of Jam in the hospital without informing them. Mich got the aircon which belonged to Jam, she just left its remote control. Mich was also left the PC, but she got the hard drive. She even left the cellphone, but she log out the Jamich Facebook fan page, their YouTube Channel and even gmail account. Mrs. Sebastian believed that Mich did this because she doesn't want them to have access their accounts. Hence, they could not monitor the earnings of Jamich.

Jam's mother appealed to Mich that she should give the share of Jam to his family. Jamich will not be formed without her Jam, so, don't be selfish, just give what for them.

In the other hand, Jam's mother also  reacted about the new tandem NeoMich. She said that it might be true that Mich was also replaced his son. But the both Neo and Mich was already denied the allegation that they have a relationship.