How to be Attractive to Men?

           Ever wonder how to get the guys to like you without having to show off every inch of your skin? First way to dive into this subject would be to realize, what do men want? What do men complain about? What kind of guy are you trying to attract? If you want the players, the cheaters, and the womanizers, then use the short skirts, and the stomachless tops. To attract the better men, try changing the MO a bit.

           Some of the more honest, decent men, complain that every girl wants to show off every piece of their skin. Now, don't get me wrong, they do enjoy it, but that doesn't mean they want to date that person. 

          Dress conservatively, men respect that. Leave something to the imagination. Save what is good, for him, and him alone. Get them to like your personality. Years will change appearances, but only shape and beautify a personality. 

          Men like to be challenged, so challenge them. In more ways than one. In their desire, in their imagination, and their personality. Do not challenge their masculinity. They're the guy, and they want to be the guy. 

          A crucial point to remember is moderation. Diets only work because of moderation. Sweets can become a downfall without moderation. This is important in every aspect of this article. Women like confidence
in men. Men like confidence in women. Now, that isn't to say men don't like bashful, and humble women, but confidence is the key. Being humble and bashful can be cute. Confidence is attractive, snobbishness is a turn away, cockiness is a turn away, and vain can be a turn away. Have confidence in who you are. This isn't to say you have to take every compliment with ease, but it is to say, be proud of who you are. Shooting down compliments in a polite, and fun way can challenge a guy to compliment you in more ways than one.

              Be different. Men will complain until the sun goes down about how typical women act. Crazy, clingy, and only good for sex. Break the mold and don't give out, or give in. Be fun, and be yourself. If you give out right away, the guy wont need to stick around any longer. Holding out will make sure he respects who you are, and keep him interested. If he does not, he wasn't good.
You know the typical stereotyping men do to women? Don't be any of those. 

            Tease in a playful manner. Pick on him, playfully, kindly. There is a difference between insulting him, and poking at him. Try to know what he's comfortable with. Be conscientious.

           Men may not like to talk about their feelings, but if you'll just let them talk about themselves, they will do it all day long, depending on the guy. Besides, you still have to care about them. Be encouraging because they want to love and be loved in return.

The list of things men have complained about?
-How women dress.
-What women talk about.
-How the female acts when the guy is around his guy friends.
-How they can't find a decent female. What is a decent female? Loyal. Caring. Understanding. Not clingy. Trusting. Dependent and Reliant - in the right mix.
-How clingy she is.
-Her expectations.
-How they want to act to