Doris Birgornia on Her Controversial Behavior During The Script Concert

      Doris Bigornia, also known as Mutya ng Masa was already broken his silence regarding to the controversial that she involved in The Script concert which was held last Friday at Mall of Asia. She asked an apology to the public to the attitude that she shown during the concert through her Facebook account.

A Facebook user named Richard Lim wrote in his account, she said that Bigornia was not acted politely during the Script concert. The reporter with her daughter went on the front and blocked the view of those people who seated at the front. Lim appealed to Bigornia that they should go back to their seat because they can't see what's on the stage. His son was also felt seizures, but instead to listen Bigornia said that she don't care even Lim's son would die.

Bigornia admitted that she went at the front of the stage to see upclose their favorite band. But she argued that she and her daughter were not the first persons to run in front. There were also many fans who ran there. For her, it was just a natural because it was a rock concert.  The reporter was also denied that she became rude and she said insensitive words against the son of Lim.

Because of the incident, many netizens got irked to Bigornia because she acted as a queen. They said the she is acting like a primadonna; it was very far to the image that she is portraying on TV which is very kind and she has a heart for the massess. They believed that Lim is telling the truth because what he could gain with his expose? The accusation of Lim was supported by videos. So, anyone could give their judgement who is telling the truth.