Donita Rose Has a Marriage Life Problem

The  actress-TV host Donita Rose admitted that they have a problem about her marriage life. They are not in good terms with her husband Eric Villarama. Based on a report, Donita and Eric are not living in one roof. The actress stays here in the Philippines with her son; but her husband stays in America.

Donita didn't elaborate what's the real reason, why she and her husband have misunderstandings. She and her husband doesn't want to reveal their problem because their son will be affected. She only says that all couples are confronting problem and she is not exempted. Donita said that her husband knew what's the right thing to do with their situation and she is ready to cooperate.

But despite of the problem of Donita in her marriage life, she is very happy and contented with her showbiz career although she just signed a per project bases in GMA Kapuso. This is the thing the she missed while she was in abroad. But she don't have assurance if she will stay good here in the Philippines. There is a tendency that she will come back in abroad in the future.