Viral: The Epic Fail Story of a Thief

               If you’re a thief, you need to be faster and wise about your plan. In other words, you need to be salert or else your operation would be a big mistake. Like what happened to a thief that became a talk of the town because of his dumbness. His failed operation was caught on a CTTV and it went viral via social media. The video entitled “Mag-ingat sa Magnanakaw” and it was already uploaded by different Facebook fan pages.

                In the video, he hold upped a Muslim woman. Before this, he parked his motorcycle on the side of the street. After he done got the bag of his victim, instead to ride on his motorcycle, he ran away from the area. Then, the woman saw the motorcycle and she rode on it. The thief came back and he tried to stop the woman, but he can’t chase the woman. The netizens ridiculed the hold upper because of his stupidy. It seems that he exchanged his motorcycle for the bag that he don’t know what’s inside of it.

                If there is a contest of being the most dumbest thief on the maybe he could get that category. Maybe this is just what we called instant karma. What do you think?