Jam Sebastian of Jamich Passes Away at 28

          Jam Sebastian of Jamich had been passed away after his family decided to let him go to end his suffering from lung cancer. He got that sickness from 3rd hand smoke. The death of Jam has been confirmed by his girlfriend Michelle Liggayu through her Facebook account. She asked prayers to all of their fans.

            Liggayu explained that Jam’s family had already decided, they just waited the medicine of Jam to be exhausted. According to her, it is hard for her to hear the plan for the funeral of his beloved boyfriend. She asked to pray for Jam and she hope that she would feel love comfort and love in the hands of our Creator. She also said to their fans that let they pray that we will become stronger. She believed that everything will be okay.

Liggayu expressed her love to Jam by saying that she assured that his birthday will become very happy in Heaven. She wished that her boyfriend would visit in her dreams to say that he is now happy and healthy again with God. She said, “Thank you for everything... No words can explain. Until we meet again..."

            Since Jam has been battling cancer early last year, his girlfriend Michelle Liggayu doesn’t leave him. The couple  had been engaged in May last year despite that fact that Jam has a  cancer. Jam’s family shown also their love in support in the last days of his life. His mother, out of love to her son, he rufused first to remove the life support equipment of Jam. Until his mother accepted that her son can’t fight for his life anymore.