Is Real Paul McCartney Dead?


          Recently, Gringo Starr, the former drummer of The Beatles revealed that the person we knew as Paul McCartney is just an impostor because the real one was already died in a car accident in 1966. Starr said that he don’t want to hide the truth until he die that why he made this kind of announcement.

            The former drummer said that they lied to the public because they were panicked when Paul McCartney died. They don’t want their fans to be saddened with Paul’s death. Their manager suggested to them that why they don’t get William Shears to replace Paul? Shears was a winner of a look a like contest of Paul. According to Starr, Shears is also a talented musician who is better than Paul.

            This news is not already new anymore, this was already released during the popularity of The Beatles. Starr is just only confirming that the rumored is really true. But the alive Paul McCartney denied the allegation of his bandmate. He said that Starr is just inventing story to get the attention of the public. He also believed that this is just a manifestation of sing-aging. If you’re getting older, sometimes you’re not aware what you’re saying.

            Starr has a challenge to living Paul Mcartney that he should undergo in a DNA test to prove that he is not the real Paul. If the DNA result doesn’t match with Paul McCartney’s younger brother Mike, it means that he is telling the truth. But as of now, Paul is not answering if we will accept or not the challenge.

            The fans of The Beatles around the world have different reactions about the revelation of Starr. Other believed that Starr is telling the truth and he is not just making noise. For other fans, it doesn’t matter if the living Paul is real or just a look alike of him, the most important is they have been enjoying the music of the band until now. There are also some individuals can’t make believed with Starr statement. If that is true, it’s hard to accept that their idols had lied with ther fans. They believed all of their lives, the Paul McCartney that they are idolizing is just a fake.