BOI to P-Noy: He is Ultimately Responsible for Mamasapano Mission

Photo credit: gmanetwork.com
              The Bureau of Investigation (BOI) had already released their draft report about their findings in Mamasapano clash. In that incident, 44 SAF members died when they encountered the joined forces of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Bansangmoro Freedom Fighters on January 25. The BOI concluded that P-Noy was responsible for the death of fallen 44 because they found out that P-Noy really let Gen. Alan Purisima to lead the operation although he was suspended that time.

                Despite of the statement of the BOI, the Malacanang and some of his allies are still denying that P-Noy has no liability about the failed Mamasapano operation. But they insisted again that the president had already took the responsibility about the death of the fallen 44. Yes, P-Noy said that, but we never see any sincerity to his words. If he is really serious, he will never blame the SAF commander Gen. Getulio Napenas. What he did, he put all the blame to this poor police official just to save himself from responsibility. He blamed Napenas, but he didn’t say any negative remarks to his close friend Purisima.

                On the other hand, DOJ Sec. De Lima said that P-Noy didn’t broke the chain of command when he didn’t inform their plan to the AFP Chief and to the acting PNP Chief. She pointed out that the president is not a commander in chief of the PNP. But in P-Noy’s speech in front of the graduating criminologist students he claimed that he was their commander in chief. De Lima’s statement is contradicting to the speech of P-Noy. It is better for de Lima to be silent, stop defending her boss if her statement is not supported by proven fact.

                Other law experts said that it is not important if P-Noy is a commander in chief of the PNP to say that he has no liability for the death of the 44 SAF members. That’s right, the operation will not be failed if P-Noy didn’t let Purisima to intervene. It is very clear that was the root cause of the tragedy because the SAF listened to the ordered of the suspended general.  Not the alibi of P-Noy that Napenas was lied to him.

                The public has a doubt, even the BOI emphasized that P-Noy is responsible in the failed Mamasapano operation; they are not expecting that the families of the fallen 44 will get the justice. The BOI which composed almost of his allies didn’t recommend to punish the president through impeachment. If P-Noy would admit his fault and say sorry to the public, maybe his critics may forgive him. But as of now, he can’t escape to the sentiments of the Filipino people and to the calling of the groups that asking him to resign from his post.