Bansangmoro Basic Law: To Push or Not to Push?

                The debate about the Bansanagmoro Basic Law is still continuing this was after the Mamasapano clash happened last January 25. Forty SAF members died in the area by the joined forces of the Moro Islamic Freedom Fighters (MILF) and the Bansangmoro Freedom Fighters (BFF). MILF is undergoing a peace negotiation with the government. While the government conducting an operation against the BFF.

                Some of the Filipino people believed that the MILF is not concerned with their intention to gain peace in Mindanao because they had been involved with the death of SAF members. Aside from that, the group doesn’t want to surrender their members who had participated in Mamasapano clash. But the leadership of the MILF denied the allegation that they are not sincere with their intention. They emphasized that the government didn’t cooperate with their troops before they enter into their territory. That was the reason why the incident happened. They can’t surrender their warriors because that is against to their peace agreement with the government.

                Despite of the appealing of many Filipino people that the BBL should not be pursued by the government. President Benigno Aquino is still standing that BBL should be passed by the Congress. He believed that this is the answer to attain a long term peace in Mindanao. The President wants to pass it before his term will be finished in 2016. The supporters of the BBL, including Muslim groups  are appealing to the public. They emphasized the importance of the BBL to stop any bloodshed. This is what they really need to stop the war in Mindanao. They are already sick and tired of the chaos which is happening in their land.

                Even AFP Chief Gregorio Catapang said that their soldiers are also wanted to stop the war in Mindano. Being a front liner in the battlefield, they are the one who knew that nothing wins in a war. The worse is many civilians are becoming a victim of it. If ever, they don’t want to fight anymore if only peace should prevail in Mindanao. For the AFP Chief, for those who are appealing an all out war, they don’t know what they are talking about  because they never experienced to become a front liner on a war. Instead to call an all out war, why they should not aim for peace?

                But for the critics of the BBL, this is not the answer to gain peace in Mindanao. They firmly believed that the MILF is pursuing this because they wants to boost their forces. Based on the draft of the BBL, the group will have their own police force. It seems that they want to separate from the Philippines because they have their own law. The critics have a doubt that the MILF has a strong tie up to the Malysian government which they considered has a personal interest in Mindanao. They emphasized that even BBL will be implemented, the chaos will never cease.

                They critics of the BBL reminds us that the other rebel groups are against the BBL because they have their own agenda. For example, MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari has been disgruntled because the government thrown the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) in exchanged of their peace deal with the MILF.  Plus, the fact that the BIFF and the Abu Sayaff are also there. There is also a report that there is a new jihadist group formed which called as Justice Islamic Movement (JIM). They are asking the government and the MILF, how can they control those other elements to gain real peace in Mindanao if ever the BBL could become a law?