Xian Lim Criticizes by Gov. Joey Salceda for Not Wearing Albay T-Shirt

             Gov. Joey Salceda lambasted actor Xian Lim for refusing to promote Albay when he attended at Fiesta Tsinoy Albay. Based on a report, a staff of Tourism gave a t-shirt to the actor but he refused it to wear. Then, Xian said, “I’m not here to promote Albay”.

            Salceda posted his reaction on his Twitter account about the incident. He said that he can’t forgive Xian for what he did against the people of Albay.  The governor said that they were expected more better from Xian, for he is not a terrorist, but just an actor. Salceda reminds that they already hired Xian in 2011 in their event. That was the time that his talent was only 75 thousand. Now, they paid him 350,000 pesos for his guesting in Fiesta Tsinoy Albay. It seems that the governor wanted to say that they were not deserved to got that kind of treatment.

            After Xian heard about the violent reaction of the governor, he asked an apology to Salceda and to the people of Albay for the mess that he caused with them. He explained that he didn’t wear the t-shirt because it there will be a conflict in his endorsement. For he is an endorser of a t-shirt brand. Xian said that he explained it in a nice way contrary to the report that he became rude to one of the tourism officers in Albay. The actor emphasized that he love Albay and its people.