Who is Responsible for the Death of Fallen 44?

            The Filipino people are still mourning for the death of 44 members of Special Action Forces (SAF) of PNP who operated in the town of Mamasapano in Maguindanao last January 25. The operation was called Operation Wolverine. The aim of the troops was to capture the two most wanted terrorists in the world Zulkilfli bin Hir alias Marwan and Abdul Basit Usman, both members of Jemaah Islamiyah. Despite of the tragic incident, the SAF claimed that the operation became successful because they killed Marwan and they cut off his finger to undergo in a DNA test. They already sent the finger to FBI of America to verify if it is from Marwan or not.

            People from all walk of lives have their own reactions regarding to the Mamasapano clash. They are really disappointed to the Aquino administration because they can’t protect the soldiers. Yes, the duty of the soldiers is to defend the Filipino people from the lawless members of our society. But the government must also do their duty to take care the soldiers who are ready to lose their lives in the battle. It seems that the government putted their soldiers in the fangs of the beasts. They died helpless in the hands of the enemies.

            The critics are questioning, why did the operation of the SAF turned into the defeat of their troops? It seems that there was wrong with their tactics. They did not coordinate to the MILF before they enter into their territory. They even weren’t ask the help of the military to back up them. PNP National Director Getulio Napelas who acted as a leader in that operation already took the blame about the incident. But it doesn’t enough because there are persons higher than him who might ordered to conduct the operation.

            According to OIC PNP Chief Leonardo Espina, the suspended PNP Chief Alan Purisima was the one who gave an order to the SAF and Purisima was reporting directly to P-Noy. It means that the president knew about the operation. But ironically Defense Sec. Voltair Gazmin and DILG Sec. mar Roxas doesn’t inform about the operation. But now, Purisima is not ready to explain his side. Then, Malacananang doesn’t want to castigate the suspended general. Their spoke person Edwin Lacierda said that, let the invistigation bodies call Purisma.

            If P-Noy has knowledge about the Mamasapano clash, then he is responsible for the death of the 44 members of the SAF. For the first place, he let Purisma to conduct an operation although he is suspended. There is also a report that P-Noy didn’t give back up to the SAF members because that was the advice of the one of members of the peace panel to protect the peace talk between the government and the MILF. So, P-Noy should also be questioned if the allegations are true. As a commander in chief, P-Noy should be brave enough to tell the truth. The sad thing is he passed the blame to Napelas because of he didn’t handle properly the operation to become successful.