The Operation Exodus

            The death of the fallen 44  SAF members is still a hot issue on news because until now it is not clear who gave the order to conduct the operation called Oplan Wolverine known also as Oplan Exodus. The only clear now, the families of the fallen are asking for justice. Not only them, even the MILF wants justice because 18 of their members, including 7 civilians died also in Mamasapano clash.

            The Aquino administration is boasting that the operation against the most two wanted terrorist became successful. Recently, the FBI confirmed the death of Marwan after his DNA sample had been matched to his brother who is staying in the jail in the US. Okay, their operation was successful because they killed their one of their targets. But the sad truth, many members of the SAF were also killed in that operation. How can we rejoice with their accomplishment if this was the scenario? This would not happen if the officials who involved here have followed the protocol. In the Senate hearing, the relieved SAF chief Getulio Napenas pointed out that Purisima is the one who ordered them to conduct the operation and P-Noy knew about their mission.

            Instead to accept the responsibility, Purisima and P-Noy blamed Napenas for the loss of 44 SAF members. P-Noy emphasized that Napenas didn’t coordinate with the MILF, the AFP and some other government officials especially Mar Roxas. While Purisima admitted that he knew about the operation. His only role, he was the one who gave the information about Marwan’s hideout. According to him, he just gave an advice to the troops. He denied that he gave them an order to attack the hideout of Marwan without coordination to the appropriate persons or groups. Well, it is easy to deny the truth, but it also hard to accept the reasonings of P-Noy and Purisima who consider each other as close friends.

            Napenas have got the sympathy of the public because it seems that he became a false guy here. Of course, P-Noy and Purisima are doing this to save themselves from the rage and blame of the Filipino people. Oplan Exodus is not just an ordinary police operation; 400 members of SAF had been deployed in Mamasapano. How come that the national government don’t know about this big mission? There is a report that the US armies participated here, but of course they already denied it. What we need now is a deeper investigation from the independent body to know the whole truth about what happened on January 25 in Mamasapano.