Talented Kid Sings ‘Sayang na Sayang’ Goes Viral on Facebook

               It seems that there are many raising stars on the internet. Almost every day or other day we are seeing new talents waiting to be discovered by netizens. That’s why they never get tired and never surrender their dreams that one day they will become a popular singer. Although some of them have no intention like that. Their friend or relative just uploaded their video without their knowledge. Then suddenly they were suprised because they became an internet sensation in an instant.

                This time, another raising star has been shown his talent via internet. He will be included in the long list of talented singers who made their name in social media. A kid sang Sayang na Sayang popularized by Pryzm band during 90’s and revived also by Aegis has been applauded by the netizen because of his powerful voice. The song has a high tune, but it was very easy for the kid to sing that high note.

                The video of the talended kid was uploaded in Ang Lupet: by Celso Cahilig Cahilog fan page on Feb. 16 and in just two days it has already gained more than 26,000 views, 1,259 likes and 773 shares.  Of course, as the day goes by those figures would be multiplied. The uploader of the video doesn’t identified who is that kid and where we can find him. If the kid become lucky, there is a tendence that he will be covered by Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS). This TV show loves to feature trending stories coming from social media. If he is lucky, he will be invited by Ellen DeGeneres. Well, let us wait and see if the giant TV networks will pick up his life story.