RR Enriquez Criticizes by Netizens Due to Her Rude Video

               It doesn’t mean if you have good look, you have also a good moral character. These are just one of the negative reactions coming from the netizens to the latest viral video on social media. Actress model RR Enriquez has been criticized because of her rude attitude against a sleeping SUV passenger.

                On the video, RR Enriquez and her friend Jeck Maierhofer rides in a car when they noticed that there is a sleeping passenger in the SUV on their front. RR decided to awake the passenger through serene. After she did it they laugh out loud. The video was first posted to the Facebook fan page of Top Gear Philippines and it has already gained more than 1 million views and thousand of shares.

                The netizens lambasted RR; they said that the person she disturbed might a worker and he was just tired after he worked. Travelling is the only change for him to take a rest for while. They also adviced RR that don’ get boastful even she have a car. Other netizens said that RR is just getting the attention of the netizens because she wants to become more popular.

                RR Enriquez has already asked apology to the netizens. She appeals that please don’t judge here. She even quote a phrase in the bible saying that whoever believes that she/ he don’t have a sin will first put a stone and throw it on other people. She added that she was just wanted to show her balahura side. But that was only the first time she involved other people. She admitted that she became rude with her action and she hope that the netizens would accept her sorry.