Purisima Accepts Accountability for Mamasapano Mission

Photo from dzrhnews.com
              Ex-PNP Chief Alan Purisima admitted that he was accountable for the Operation Exodus in Mamasapano. Their aim is to take off the two most wanted criminal in the world, Marwan and Usman. Forty four SAF members were killed in that operation conducted on Jan. 25.

                In the Senate hearing,  Purisima made the admission when Sen. Miriam Santiago questioned him about the Mamasapano clash. The former PNP Chief said that he was accountable for the operation that’s why he decided to resign from his post. Sen. Miriam became irritated to his answer and she said that if Purisima was accountable, why he pointed fingers to the relieved SAF Chief Getulio Napenas.

                The Senator was also lambasted Purisima for being meddling to the things that was none of his business. Purisima had been suspended during that time because of his involvement in graft and corruption. He is facing a graft case in the office of Ombudsman. Sen. Miriam emphasized that Purisima that he overstepped from his limits.

                According to Sen. Santiago, if Purisima didn’t meddled about the operation, maybe the lost SAF members are still alive today. When Purisima had been asked why he didn’t disclosed their plan to DILG Sec. Mar Roxas and OIC PNP Chief Leonardo Napenas; is that mean that he is not trusting them? Purisima said that he is trusting them, but their plan is they will inform those officials if the troops are already reach to the place of their target.