Marwan DNA Test Confirms His Death?

           There is a report that the DNA taken from a man killed by the SAF members in Mamasapano has been matched to the DNA of Zulkifli bin Hir, alias Marwan. This information is based from a source in the Philippine National Police.

            Last January 25, the SAF members made an operation which they called as Operation Wolverine. The purpose of the operation is to capture Marwan and Basit Usman, both members of terrorist group Jameah Islamiyah. But Usman was allegedly escaped while Marwan left in the area and fall in the hands of the SAF members.

            The SAF commander Napenas claimed that they already killed Marwan when they attacked him on his safety house. But the troop didn’t get the dead body of the man whom they believed as Marwan. Instead, a member of SAF cut off the right index finger of the man to serve it as a DNA sample. The finger had been sent to the FBI to know if that is from Marwan.

            As of now, the FBI has no confirmation about the report to prove that Marwan was already dead. The public is hoping that the report is true. Hence, the death of fallen 44 members of SAF will not put in vain.

            On the other hand, the MNLF doesn’t believe that Marwan is already dead. While the MILF believed that Marwan is already lose in the battle, but the man that the SAF had been killed was not Marwan. Marwan’s cadaver was handled by the members of the BIFF.

            In 2012, the AFP also conducted an operation that they killed Marwan.  But later on, they retracted their claim after they found out that the expert bomber is still alive.