James Reid Apologizes to Tabloid Readers for Offensive Post

               Actor James Reid apologized for what he putted on his Instagram account. He posted an image with a quote says, “People who read the tabloids deserve to be lied”. Because of this, some netizens reacted to his post. They said that James Reid is just a newbie actor, but he already became boastful for what he achieve. It seems that he fogot that the people who read tabloids are the masses. Some of them are fans of James and Nadine tandem.

                James asked the understanding of public for what he posted on social media. During that time there were many rumors circulated online that he had a sex video. His family, friends and fans asked him if the rumor was true. Hence, he was really hurt and feeling upset. But he realized that he did a mistake with his statement. He already deleted his post on Instagram.

                Nadine Lustre, the love team partner of James praised the actor for asking sorry to the public. According to the actress, the most important was James admitted his mistake. She also said that every time the actor is approaching him and asking for advice, she give him some sort of advice.