Is There a Stabilization Plot Against Aquino Administration?

                In the Senate hearing on Feb. 12, Thursday, Sen. Miriam Santiago warned the Aquino administration because she received an inteligence report that there is a coup plan against P-Noy. Based on the information that she got, the person who behind the coup is a well known business. This bussinessman is taking advantage the low morale  both of the PNP and the AFP due to what happened in Mamasapano.

                According to Sen. Santiago,  the bussinessman had already talked to some members of the AFP to support his agenda. His group has already plan who will replace P-Noy from his position.

                The Malacanang Palace told to the media that they had been received a report almost the same to what Sen. Santiago said.  But as what they have known, AFP has no involvement about the coup plan. The group who wants to estabilized the government is outside from the AFP. As of now, they are veryfying the information if the report is really true.

                In the other side,  AFP Chief Gregorio Catapang denied the allegation that there is a function of APF wants to take down P-Noy from presidency. The AFP Chief assured the public that they are still loyal with the president. For him, loyalty check within their rank is uncessary.