Smart Communication Interrupts Their Signal Due to Pope Francis Visit

       Smart subcribers from Metro Manila and nearby areas got irked to the signal interuption that they have been experiencing due to Pope Francis Visit. The Smart Communications turn off their internet and cellphone cignal since the arrival of the pope in the Philippines. Before this, the company had already sent a message throught text that there will be having an interruption to their service.
 Smart Comminication had already explained to their subscribers. They did it because the government gave an order to them to turn off their signal to protect Pope Francis from the bad elements. According to the authorities, cellphones might be used by the criminal as a remote control to bomb the pope.

      Aside from Smart Communcations, the Aquino government have been also criticized  because they are the cause of interuption in communications. Many online workers complained because they can't do their work because of their decision. For them, their intention is good, but that just is a product of their incompentency to give security to Pope Francis. They don't need to do that if they have the capacity to monitor all the criminals who wants to hurt the Pope. But despite of negative reactions, there are also people believed that the decision of the government is just right to make sure that nothing bad would happen to Pope while he stays in our country.

     On the other hand, the public are wondering why only Smart Communication turned off their signal while the Globe company didn't deactivate their signal. The public should expect that the interruption in communication will be last until Monday (January 19) which is the last day of Pope's visit in our country.