Netizens Criticize Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s Extravaggant Wedding

                If there are many people who admired the royal wedding of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Riivera; some netizen has been criticized them due to their extravagant wedding. Others said that it is not appropriate to conduct a wedding such as their wedding because they are many people are starving right now.

                The critics also bashed the couple because they believed that their wedding was overexposed by media. They are not also happy when the road near to the wedding venue had been closed. They even notice their giant cake which they believed as a part of their sponsorship. They accused the couple for soliciting huge amount of money from their sponsors. Aside from that, they also bashed Pres. Benigno Aquino III who was also present in that wedding.

                Of course, the fans of DongYan defended their idols. They said that who are these critics to thrown violent reactions to their idol? Even non-fans of DongYan became irratated to the bashers because they don’t have a right to question if the wedding of Dindong and Marian became extravagant. In the first place, that is not their money. They could react if they are politicians and then they will conduct such wedding like this. They believed that it was only natural if there wedding has been overexposed by media because they are very popular personalities. Don’t blame them; maybe the bashers would blame the media entities which covered them. They also said that there was nothing wrong if Pres. Aquino was present in the wedding. As a president, he has also a day-off.

                The truth is, Dingdong just wanted to give the best to Marian that’s why he expended a lot of money for this wedding. This was his gift for her wife. In terms of sponsorship, the couple didn’t solicited money for their wedding. The cake was just a wedding gift of Goldilucks for them because Dingdong is one their promoter. They suggested critics to shut up their mouth if they don’t have good words to say.