Marlene Aguilar Attacks Pope Francis and His Followers


          Marlene Aguilar, the sister of popular singer Freddie Aguilar and the mother of Jayson Ivler is in the midst of controversial again after he slammed Pope Francis during his visits in the Philippines. In her FB post, Marlene called the pope as 'kampon ng dilim' or son of darkness. She emphasized that the pope is involved in Satanic rituals including eating babies.

          She even accused the pope that he was involved in cases about child rape, child murder and crimes against humanity. She also called the followers of Pope as idiot and she encourage them to adore him and come with him in hell. Marlene called herself as 'she dragon' and she claimed that she is never afraid to anyone. She even challenged the pope to face her in a UFC match.

         Because of Marlene statements in her social media account, the netizens got annoyed on her. They said that she is already out of her mind.  The netizenss don't know where she got the ida that the pope was involved in criminal cases. The truth is Pope Francis has a genuine concern for the children. To take care the children is one of his primary crusade in life especially the street children and the children that abandoned by their parents. There is no  any documents would prove her claim even Marlene would go in a tribunal court.

          For other people, don't take it seriously the statements of Marlene Aguilar. She is just seeking for the attention of the public that's why she is inventing stories. If that is her belief, she should keep it to herself. For them, if there is an evil that is Marlene and not the pope. They added that Marlene doesn't know the word 'respect' in religious belief.