Mamasapano Clash: Who Should be Blamed?

            More than 40 members of PNP-SAF has been died due to a crossfire encounter with MILF and BFF forces in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. It happened when the PNP-SAF tried to capture the two most wanted terrorist in the Philippines and members of Jamiya Islamiya. Unfortunately they were attacked by the two rebel groups. But the MILF said that they were just defending themselves. The PNP-SAF entered into their teritory without any consultation and the government forces were the first who shot them.

            According to the report, the members of the PNP-SAF who died in the battle are not a resident of Mindanao, they live in Manila. They just went in Maguindanao because the national government had ordered them to capture the international terrorist who have a big reward on their head. Other people think this was the reason why they made an operation in Mindanao. Hence, they are blaming the national government because they are the responsible for the death of the PNP-SAF.

           To those people who are wondering why the government used PNP-SAF in Maguindanao instead of the military; the PNP-SAF is not an ordinary police, they are the elite members of the PNP. They were trained to combat in air or in the sea. Sometimes the government is using them to accompany the military with their battle in the war zone area in Mindanao like Zamboanga and Basilan.

            DILG Sec. Mar Roxas said that the PNP-SAF were just lost in Maguindanao that’s why they were attacked by the rebels. He insisted, despite of the incidents, the Aquino government is still believed that the peace talk should be pushed to gain a long term peace in Mindanao. They still stands that the Bansang Moro should be built because it is very important.  

            The public called the incident as Maguindanao Massacre 2. Some of the Filipino people believed that the government should be stopped between the government and MILF. They called MILF as a traitor, what they did to the members of PNP-SAF was not just a self-defense, it was a mass murdered! Manila Mayor Erap Estrada stated that the government should not trust the MILF. If we remember, during his presidential term, Erap declared war against MILF.  

            Let’s back to the question, who should be blamed in Maguindanao Massacre 2? Of course, it was not a fault of Ampatuan clan. DILG Mar Roxas and the PNP leadership should take the responsibility for what happened to the members of PNP-SAF. If the claim of the MILF is true that the government forces didn’t coordinate, it means that there was a negligence to the side of the government.