Kamikazee is Already Disbanded

            The novelty Filipino rock band Kamikazee that became popular because of their songs Narda, Chicksilogs , Huling Sayaw, etc.  had already announced that they were already disbanded. They became known for their unique style in terms of lyrics and musicality. 

              Kamikazee is composed of Jay Contreras, Jomal Linao and Led Tuyay on guitars, Jason Astete onn bass and Allan Burdeos on drums.

            Kamikazee posted a video on their official Facebook fan page about their farewell statement on Sunday (Jan. 25). Each member of the band thanked to their supporters who patronized their music for 14 years.

            Kamakazee frontman Jay Contreras said that they made the decision only this year. They want to try a life outside the band. They decided to disband not because they have an argument or conflict with each other. All of them agreed to stop their music career to give way to other important things that they wanted to do.

            For sure, the fans of Kamikazee will miss them. But one thing for sure, although they were already disbanded their music we will still be alive and it would stay in the hearts of the fans. To Kamikazee, good luck to the new way that they want to go through.