Jennylyn Mercado Has a New Love Life?

photo from interaksyon.com

                Recently, in Jennylyn Mercado was interview in a showbiz oriented show about her current status with Dennies Trillo. Is there a chance for them to become a lovers again? Jennelyn admitted that she and Dennies are good friends now, but she denied that they have a relationship again. At least, they are not comfortable with each other, unlike in previous years that they are feeling awkward when they see each other.

                As of now, Jennylyn has a new TV series entitled Second Chances. Raymart Santiago is her leading man in this drama series. Raymart was asked if he there is a chance to bring back his romantic relatioship with his estranged wife Claudine Barretto. He said that there is no second chance for them. He was also asked if is there a chance to fall in love to his leading lady. The actor admitted that every guy will fall on love to Jennylyn by her beauty. Hmm, it means that Raymart has love interest for Jennelyn. Well, it’s too early to tell this. Maybe they should work out first for many things. If there is one thing in common between Jennelyn and Raymart, they were both undergone in a complicated relationship.  

                Aside from Dennies Trillo and Raymart Santiago, Manila Mayor Estrada is also linked to Jennylyn Mercado. In his previous interview, the mayor said that she really admired Jennelyn. Erap said that she admires Jennelyn’s beauty and sexiness. That’s right, Mayor Erap! Today, Jennelyn is considered as a hot mama in showbiz industry. Jennelyn is very proud of her body because she was achieved it very hard. Her only secret is not about diet, but she is more on exercising in gym. For she is a very sportive lady, she likes biking, running, etc.

                The last question for Jennylyn, is she has a plan to enter again in a relationship? Of course, yes! But Jennylyn said that in God’s time, she will also find the right man for her. We don’t know if that is Dennies Trillo again, Raymart Santiago or even Mayor Erap Estrada?