Is Coleen Garcia Would Pose for a Men's Magazine?

            Is Coleen Garcia would post in a men’s magazine? This was the question that thrown by the media to his boyfriend Billy Crawford? This was after Coleen posed sexy on their vacation in Maldaves. Billy Crawford said that he don’t know the answer as far he is knew, he don’t see to the character of Coleen that she would do that.

            Billy was also asked, why Coleen had sexy photos in Maldives? The actor said that it was just a natural because they were in the beach. They just took many pictures just for fun. So, there was nothing wrong with that. He is very proud of his girlfriend because she’s the strived to attain that beautiful body. Well, what’s the secret of Coleen to gained that sexy body? Well, according to her, she doesn’t practice diet; what she did was she always in gym. Her only secret is to hard work and discipline. Nothing else.

                Okay guys, you already read the statement of the couple. Sorry, Billy doesn’t want her girlfriend to be a cover of men’s magazine. All you have to do is look at her pictures on the internet. By the way, don’t look for the video scandal of Billy and Coleen because it’s not true. All we knew that they are very serious with their relationship.