Diaper Patrol During Papal Visit: An Insult to the Philippine National Police?


           The Philippine National Police is feeling insulted after they found out that there are photos spreading on social media about the diaper patrol. The photos was uploaded by a Facebook user named Tony Ahn who almost peed to his pants when he laughed about the photos that he had shot. They were positioned in Papal route along Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.. Despite of their efforts to secure Pope Francis, there are some individuals wanted to destroy their image through mockery. The PNP said, they are very sure that they don’t have any order to their members to wear such kind of funny uniform.

            At first, the netizens thought that the men in photos are real police because they are wearing PNP’s uniform. Until they found out that was a social experiment conducted by Project Awesome spearheaded by Paul Agabin. The organizers explained that their intention is to make an awareness that we have lack of portalets during the Pope’s visit in our country and they don’t have an intention to mock the PNP.

            But some of the netizens are not happy to the explanation of the organizers of that social experiment. It was very wrong timing; they conducted in during to the Pope’s visit which was a sacred event for the Catholic people. It was not only insulting the PNP, but also to the people who attended in Luneta.

            Before the Pope’s visit in the Philippines, MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino already suggested to the PNP that their men should wear a diaper. So, they would not leave their post if the nature will call them. But many people were against to that idea of Tolentino. Maybe this was the inspiration of the people who made the social experiment. They claimed that their experiment became succesful although the PNP and the netizens criticized them.