A Child Has Been Saved from Falling Off in the Escalator

          A video of a child who’s riding at the edge of elevator went viral after it was shared by a Facebook user named  Tyrese Gibson. He captioned it “WOW!! God blessed this child and the hero who saved him from falling off the escalator at the mall.” It was only uploaded on January 20 and it has already gained more than 6 million views.

            In the video, it seems that the child has no idea if he would fall after he rode at the edge of the escalator. The scene is like that you’re watching a movie, but this is a real life. There is a man who noticed about the situation of the child. Then, he waits the child to fall and he catch it as faster as he can. There is a possibility if he make a mistake, he might not catch the child.

            The video reminds every parents that if you’re in the mall with children, be attentive to them. It is very natural for them to be naughty that’s you need to watch their action anytime and anywhere. If you’re not doing this practical tips, their lives would be in danger like what happened to the child in the video.