The Idiocy in Anti-Teen Pregnancy Infomercial of the DOH

            The netizens reacts to the new infomercial about the teenage pregnancy of the Department of Health (DOH) that they posted on their Facebook fan page on Sunday (Nov 30). But they already removed it after the department receive a lot of negative feedbacks. The ad called ‘bobo and gaga’ or idiots those teens who are comitting pre-marital sex without any protection. The terms that the DOH was used made an outburst of emotions especially among youth people.

            The DOH used a cheering squad who danced to the tune of a K-Pop song Rum Pum Pum Pum but with a different lyrics. The song reminds the youth that they should study first before they commit sex to have a bright future. At the end of the video, DOH acting Secretary Janetted Garin put a reminder that says, “Ang planadong buhay ay maayos na buhay.”

            The intention of the DOH is really good, but the execution is very offensive. For the netizens, it is not appropriate to call a person as bobo or tanga although they committed wrong decisions that may affect their lives. For the netizens, we should still respect them and give our love and understanding. Their action is just a fruit of their aggressiveness. Instead to blame, why we shouldn’t help them?

            But for the other people, the DOH is only became truthful with their words. There is a saying that says ‘the truth hurts.’ As we have knew, there is an explosion in our population. Many teenagers are involved in pre-marital then after some of them are getting pregnant although they are not prefarred for having a baby because of their young age.

            What ever is your reaction about the DOH informercial, we can’t deny the fact that their ad made a great impact although they have been hardly criticized. Next time, don’t use the words such as ‘bobo or tanga.’ Look for another terms but with the same meaning. Use the art of sarcasm, don’t say it directly, okay?