Is Bamboo Mañalac Dead?

Photo from Facebook
            There is a rumor that the singer/song-writer Bamboo Mañalac was already died due to drug overdose. This report is written in a blog and it was gained thousand shares on Facebook and Twitter. The post was supported by a YouTube video contained a picture of Bamboo that says “RIP BAMBOO MANALAC 1976-2014.  As of now, the video is not already accessible.

            Some netizens are aware that the news is just a hoax while other of them believed that it might true. They knew that anyone of us could surely die in their own die. But we don’t heard any news that the coach of the Voice Philippines is taking illegal drug. So, how it could be happened?

            Some netizens criticized the one who reported it because he just deceiving the public to gain traffic on his blog. We knew that nowadays there are bloggers who are using this kind of dirty tactic to gain traffic to their website. The important for them is to earn money, without realizing that they are hurting the feeling of the personalities which they killed through their hoax news. Many celebrities became a victim of death hoax from the likes of Jose Manalo, Vic Sotto, Willie Revillame and many more. The question is who will be the next victim of such malicious report?

            If we remember, Bamboo this is not the fist time that Bamboo became a victim of malicious report. In previous months, there was a report that the singer is a brother of the actress Dawn Zuleta. But in reality, they have no connection with each other. Both of them are just a talent of ABS-CBN, that’s it.