Herbert Colangco: The Recording Star of New Bilibid Prison

                Convicted robbery gang leader Herbert “Ampang” Colangco became an instant popular because of his status inside New Bilibid Prison in Muntilupa. Recently, DOJ Sec. de Lima made a surprised inspection inside jail and they found out the luxurious ‘kubol’ for VIP are still there and  they amazed that it looks like a hotel with a jacuzzi. They also confiscated cellphones, laptop, sex toy and a lot of money. They also find out that there is a recording studio inside one of the ‘kubol’ owned by Colangco.

                Sec. De Lima said that there is no wrong if an inmate wanted to show his talent. That is good and natural, but the bad thing is you have a luxurious musical equipments inside of a jail. This is not a normal, we can consider this as a special treatment. The secretary is correct with her statement. As a prisoner, they had no rights to do that. Of course, this would not be happened, if there was no conspiracy between the inmate and the director of the NBP. But according to the former director of NBP, they allowed inmates to owned gadgets and musical; instrument to lessen the gang war in the bilibid.

                Based on the report, Colangco had already released an album entitled “Kinabukasan” and it became a platinum. Meaning, he sold a lot of copies of it although we don’t hear any of his song on radio. His lyrics are full of positive messages; some of it tackles about the hardship that a prisoner encountering inside jail. All of his music video wa shot inside jail. Colangco had already received a music award; it means that he has an excellent talent in singing.

                For Colangco, he just want to become an inspiration for other prisoners. They can show their talent even if they are convicted. He will just continue his singing career to entertain people. Hmm, maybe they can imitate what he did, if they have also connections in NBP. But if not, they just keep their talent within themselves. Just kidding. If they love to dance, they should imitate the dancing prisoners in Cebu who became YouTube sensation because of their talent in dancing. But if they are a natural singer they could jam with Colanggo or use his musical instruments. For sure, they can’t afford to buy expensive musical instruments.

                By the way, Colangco is selling his music in i-Tunes. Wanna buy it?