Daniel Padilla's Message to His Bashers

            If you’re a celebrity, you have a lot of followers; but you can’t avoid also from the judgement of the critic or bashers. For they have a different opinion about you. Maybe they don’t feel you or they are just using the power of internet to bash other people. This is what happening to Daniel Padilla who is always a center of intrigues; because of his popularity sometimes other netizens throwing him negative comments or trolls. 

                Recently, Daniel got irked to his bashers because they even attacked his father Rommel Padilla. This was after his father gave an advice to his son that he should prioritize his career first over love life. There was nothing wrong with the advice of Rommel. But some of the netizens interpreted it on a negative way. They said that Daniel Padilla would not become a famous without Kathryn Bernardo. So, Daniel’s father should stop from talking like that. 

                The actor admitted that Kathryn has a great role to the development of his career and he is very thankful to her and there is no question about that. What he don’t like is his bashers are become overacting; they also excluding his family to the issue. Daniel cannot take it anymore the criticism that he is receiving that’s why now he is reacting to the bashers. His bashers don’t know what they are talking about because they don’t know his family personally. 

                Despite to the violent reactions that he is gaining from the bashers; Daniel is still calm. He asked to his followers that they should also keep calm or relax. For him, as an actor he will just continue his acting career. Daniel is a cast member of Bonifacio: Unang Pangulo starring by his uncle; no other than Mr. Robin Padilla. This movie is their entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. The actor is asking the support of the public by watching their movie.