Ashley Madison Adultery Website Must be Blocked in the Philippines- CBCP


              As we have expected, the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) and other religious sects are against to the operation of Ashley Madison in our country. Because the site is just promoting immorality and it could destroy the relationship of a family. Recently, the management of this dating site announced that their site is already available here.

                AshleyMadison was founded in Canada and as of now it has already more than 30 million members around the globe. The dating site is aiming to help those people who are already married, but discontented with their partner to find a new love interest. It is free to register, but once you get start to chat or contact the other member, they begin to charge you. The site became controversial because of their concept. Their tagline says “Life is so short. Have an affair”. It is translated into tagalong which reads: “Maiksi ang Buhay. Mangaliwa.”

                The CPCP is asking the help the Telcos to block the site in our country. So, it could not be reach anymore by our citizen. They believed that adultery is against to the teaching from the Bible. It tells that marriage is a sacred bow and it is written in Ten Commandments that don’t commit adultery.

                The women’s group Gabriela will think what could be their action if they would ask to ban Ashley Madison in our country. One of their aim is to protect the women’s right. There is a tendency that the right of women may abusive when their partner would use the service of this site.

                As of now, the management of Ashley Madison doesn’t have any reaction to the statement of the CBCP. It means that they will just continue their operation here in our country unless the Philippine government will make an order to stop them.