American Flag Serves as Doormat in a Mall in Russia


              There is a mall in Moscow, Russia called “Electronic on Presne that became controversial after they made a doormat which has a design of American flag. Based on a report, it serves as a protest against the American government for their sentiments about their country. As of now, the two countries has conflict on certain issues.

                The photo of anti-American doormat was first uploaded on Vhontakte, the largest social networking site in Russia. The doormat is located at the entrance facility of the mall. The mall management is convincing their costumers to clean their shoes through that doormat. Mall goers have different opinions about the doormat. Some of them believed that it is only appropriate to do that to get the attention of the American government while other people are just neutral about the issue. 

                Aside from being a symbol of protest, the mall is also selling the doormat for 20 dollars.