Actress Nathalie Hart Suggests Enjoy Rape

Photo from Nathalie Hart's Facebook account

               Actress Nathalie Hart is under attack by the netizens because of the statement that she posted on Instagram. On her post, she suggested to women if they can’t resist rape they should enjoy it. She also said that this was a great advice that she got from her dad. The netizens are not happy with her unsolicited advice especially to those individual who experienced rape. 

                Some netizens believed that whoever is the father of Hart, he is not a good example for her daughter. Who is in the right mind will teach to their daughter that rape is good? Humiliation to women is not tolerable in any culture or country. It seems that she is inviting rapist to abuse women.

                Others believed also is just making noise because she wants the public to notice or recognize her. Now, she has got what she want, she became a famous in an instant. The problem is, she will be known in a negative way. Like what happened to the model Allysa Agustin who became famous online because of what she posted online; she boasted that she escape from traffic violation through her connection to a PNP officer. It means that both of them are not thinking first before they post their thoughts. Even DJ Mo Twister reacted to the post of Hart, the DJ said, “Okay doll, looks like I have to unfollow you now.”

                Anyway, who is Hart? She was known before as Princess Shell. She recently appeared on a romantic comedy entitled Somebody to love. She is also a cast member of Shake, Rattle and Roll XV. The actress already asked for an apology for what she posted on Instagram. Hart admitted that what she said was a bad joke and she doesn’t have an intention to hurt someone’s feeling. She insisted that she is not promoting or supporting that kind of behavior. As a matter of fact, she is also against domestic violence and rape.