World Gamefowl Expo: The Biggest Cockfighting Event in the Philippines

               World Gamefowl Expo is the much awaited event of the cockers in the country every year. It is organized by World Exco, one of the biggest event organizers in the Philippines with the help of PitGames Media Inc., headed by Manny Berbano. It was first held in 2011 and now it’s already reached its 3rd year. World Gamefowl Expo 2015 will be held on Jan. 16-18 at World Trade Center. It is back-to-back of World Pigeon Expo, the biggest expo for pigeon lovers.

                Cockers really love this event because his is the time they will meet and greet the biggest names in cockfighting including Patrick Antonio, Mayor Juancho Aguirre, Art Lopez, Edwin Aranez and Raffy Campus of RED Gamefarm. Cockers could acquire materials from those popular breeders. Buyers have assurance that they would see their best chickens, either it’s local or imported. There are also foreign breeders who are participating here like James Campbell, Calvin Randal, etc.

                World Gamefowl Expo is also the time of unification of different gamefowl companies; no matter if they are big or small. They have a chance to promote or showcase their products. It is up to the gamefowl enthusiast what product they would choose. To get the attention of the buyers, the companies are doing a lot gimmicks; they conduct games and even raffles.

                The good thing also about World Gamfowl Expo, it has a lot of entertainment. They invite dancers and celebrities to perform in the stage. Mocha and EB Babes were already performed here. Ofcourse, you will see a lot of beautiful girls. Companies are hiring models to represent their products. This is just natural; they knew that cockfighting is a gentleman sport. So, they should add spices for the event. Cockers could take a picture with the models if they want.

              In the last of the event, the organizer conducting an auction; the cockers with enough budgets can participate in betting to get a chance to acquire the gamecock they like.