Top 10 Basic Beauty Tips You Should Know

I have compiled a list of TOP 10 easiest and most useful beauty tips. Follow this regularly to build a better beauty foundation and confidence:

1. To Soften Our Skin
                   Right after taking a bath, or after swimming, immediately apply some sort of cream to skin. Because the water washes away the natural oils on our skin. Applying moisturizing cream can also prevent skin chapping.


2. Stop Taking Supplements
                 Taking supplements without a doctor's prescription can do more harm than good. It's because of the mixing of the vitamins and minerals might have an opposite effect of what you are hoping. So it's better to talk to your doctor first before taking such pills.

3. Pedicures Cut Back
                   By taking care of your feet, you can save money on your beauty routine. While you're on the shower, just simply scrub your foot with a pumice stone. After bathing and dry off, immediately apply a moisturizing cream to your feet. This will keep your feet healthy and free from fungus.


4. Apply Oil on your Skin
                   Even if your skin is already oily, still apply oil on your skin. Why? Because using an oil-based product can actually improve the condition of your epidermis. Over-cleaning stimulates the sebum glands that can cause the skin to over-produce oil. By using oil-based products, the opposite effect takes place.


5. Dry Out your Pimples
               You may not actually believe that applying a small amount of toothpaste onto a pimple can quickly dry it out.


6. Hair Lift
               Before doing a blow-drying to your hair, add a volumizing spray first. It can give your locks some added lift.


7. Eye Cream for Cuticles
               You can use extra-moisturizing cream to cure your dry cuticles, instead of buying another cuticle cream.


8. To Prevent Hair Colour From Fading
                 After having your hair dyed, use a deep-conditioning treatment once a month.It can give the benefit of staving off dry and damaged locks. And this can help to lock in the colour.


9. Cheekbones
             Applying a natural glow blush can give you an in look for spring. But you don't need to brush on too much. First, always start your blush line two finger widths away from nose. Apply it only on the apples of your cheeks. It can create a natural glow.

10. Fuller Lips
                If your lips is thin, extend your lip line by using a neutral-toned lip liner. Then apply your lipstick over. Do not extend beyond your lip line too much.