The Restored Beauty of Boso-Boso Church

Boso-Boso Church is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. It was built in the 16th century by the Jesuit priest to the honor of Senora Dela Anunciata. Some parts of the church were destroyed during an earthquake in July 18, 1880. In 1930, the church was abandoned because there was a municipal order that the town will be transferred; but that order was not implemented.  So, the people of Boso-boso came back later. But in 1943, the church was severely damaged because of fire until the devotees restored it in 1995. It seems that the church is still the original structure built in the old century. That is the power of restoration!

Do you know that this church was cited by Dr. Jose Rizal in El Felibusterismo if I’m not mistaken?

From then and now, Boso-boso is really popular not only because of its rich history; but also because of antiquates.This is a favorite place of TV and movie directors. They like to shoot inside the church. Many famous actors and actresses were already getting here. Sometimes the people of boso-boso becomes hired them to be an extra. They are very happy if their house will be chosen to be hired also.  As far as I remember, this church became one of the settings of the My Valentine Girls (Gunaw episode) movie of Richard Gutierrez and Eugene Domingo. Juan Dela Cruz, a former fantaserye of coco Martin aired on Channel 2 was also shot here. It only means that Boso-boso Church have a perfect ambiance for their masterpieces. The producers don’t need to go in the province just to look for a barrio setting or a quiet place. It is easy to go here because it is only located in Antipolo City.

By the way, the temperature in Boso-boso is really cold during evening. If you will go there don’t forget to bring jackets or sweater. It's only natural because there are many trees everywhere. To go there inside the barrio, tricycles are available with 10 pesos with each passenger. They don’t go if the tricycle isn't full. So, it’s up to you if you want to add your transportation expenses. It is too cheap rather wasting your time for waiting other passengers.