The Real Condition of Yolanda Survivors

            The Aquino administration is on the verge of controversy because of the typhoon Yolanda issue. One year after the storm surge hit Tacloban, until now the people there are still  living in a pitiful condition.  According to Yolanda victims, the government didn’t make any measurement to improve their lives. What they saw is the national government deficiencies; they don’t know how to handle an emergency like great calamity. Fifteen thousand people are still living in bunkhouses and evacuation centers which is not healthy for the residents due it is located at uncomfortable areas.

            The COA reported that the DSWD received a lot of donations both from local and international communities  after the super typhoon hit Tacloban. The problem is, the agency did not used the money wisely which is estimated about more than one billion pesos. Instead, they just parked the money on their bank account. They only spent a small portion of that amount. Are they waiting for another calamity before they give it to the typhoon victims? DSWD have been criticized because of improper distributions of goods. It seems that the Taclobanon didn’t feel their relief and rehabilitation efforts because of certain issues. The agency just said that they are lack of man-power and equipments that’s why they can’t do their job very well. There is also an allegation that the bureaucracy in the government caused the delay for them to release a fund. They need a lot of signatures from different officials before they can use the money for the affected residents of Tacloban and its nearby town.

            These scenarios shown the weakness of the Aquino administration on how they handle a calamity like typhoon Yolanda. But the President would not accept this, he already said that our recovery is faster compared to Japan when they hit by tsunami in 2011. It seems that P-Noy don’t know what he is talking about. Japan has more than more than 26 thousands death toll, but their government really took care the survivors. We never heard any complaints or criticism with their government after the crisis. Unlike in the Philippines, the Yolanda survivors are crying because some of them didn’t receive any help from the government. Without the help of NGO and the aid of foreigners, they don’t know how to survive. Some of the Yolanda survivors are asking to President that he should resign from his post because of his incompetency.

            The Taclobanon proved that the Aquino administration don’t have a symphaty with their condition after P-Noy refused to go their town for the commemoration of typhoon Yolanda which already reach its first year anniversary on Nov. 8. Instead to ask an apology, he made an excused by saying that Tacloban is not only the town that was hit by typhoon Yolanda. P-Noy and some of his cabinet members went to  Guiuan, Samar. P-Noy said, his action don’t have a connection in politics. Tacloban Mayor Alfred Roumualdez is a relative of Imelda Romualdez Marcos which is a mortal enemy of her family in politics. If we remember, DILG Mar Roxas and Mayor Roumualdez had made some arguments about how to prepare and handle a crisis. It seems that nobody wants to believe to the excuse of P-Noy except of his allies. Is the President afraid to see the real condition of Taclobanon?