The Importance of Citizen Journalism

              It is very noticeable than even traditional media is getting contributions from ordinary citizens either it is video, photo and stories. This is what we called citizen journalism where everybody has participation in the field of media. It means that traditional media is using this form, not only to adopt technology what we have right now, but they also believe that citizens has also the right or capability to express their voices. Gone were the days that only the respective broadcasters, newscasters, columnist can deliver news and information to the public.

                Of course, citizen journalism was emerged because of the innovation of technology. Through internet, in just one click or at the tap of our fingers, we can share what we have observed from our environment or community. It is not important anymore, if we are just an amateur writer or journalist wanna be. As long as we have balls to tell our stories we have the right to be a part of citizen journalism. Internet is really a great equalizer to all human being around the world. In this digital age, who ever and where ever they are, they can read what we write. But the only problem is, not all the information over the internet are because some of them are just hoaxes. So, it is important to online readers to scrutinize what they read.

                But if you’re a responsible citizen journalist, you will not mislead or deceive your readers because your reputation will be ruined. Instead, you’re always checking your data before you publish it on internet to avoid mistakes. You always make sure that you’re giving the right information to help people. Just remember that many people are browsing on the internet to get the latest updates in different aspect of their lives. So, it is better to give what they are looking for. Like in the traditional media, the aim of citizen journalism is also to serve people.