The Groovy Coffee Vendor of Baguio City

           Baguio City is known as Summer of Capital City of the Philippines and of course if you are there you don’t forget to visit the famous and the beautiful Burnham Park. Because Baguio is a cold place, there are many coffee vendors in this park. One of them is Carlito Ruasol, known also as Mr. Hot. It is impossible if you will not notice him when you see him. Why? Because when he dresses he looking like a big time with his Americana. He is really looks groovy. It seems that he is living in Europe or in America. That’s why, if he offer his coffee to  the tourist they can resist buying.

             According to him, he was a native of Laguna and during early 90’s when he migrated to Baguio. He was a former barista in hotel before he became a coffee vendor in Burnham Park. The administration of the park called them Coffee Patrol Star. Aside from coffee, they have also chocolate and cereals. He is really enjoying as being coffee vendor. Mr. Ruasol treated his work as a serious profession and he is really happy because the money he earns from this can sustain the needs of his family. His coffee is very click, not only because of the weather in Baguio and of course because of his attire also. 

            He said, that he developed himself to be presentable in the eyes of the people. He had different combinations of his dress. He has color red, black and white. He is not doing this to be a star; he only wants to do this for a living. Aside from being groovy, one of his secret to be a famous coffee vendor is to be courteous and lovely to the costumers.

             Mr. Ruasol, aside from tourist who buys his coffee, he has also many regular costumers from the employee of local government of Baguio from the joggers of Burnham Park. Many tourist are already familiar with his face because he was already featured on TV and in different travel magazines; not only in the Philippines but also in abroad like in Thailand, Malaysia, US, Korea and Japan. And that is because of his unique attire!

             Even the local government of Baguio likes Mr. Ruasol. Because it seems that he became a tourists attraction in Burnham Park. When you say Burnham Park, it will be connected also to him. He is not only selling coffee, but he is also promoting the beauty of Baguio. If there’s an activity he promotes it to the visitors. For example, if Panabengga Festival comes, he brings brochure about the schedule of that event.

             What do you think about Mr. Ruasol, is he hot or cool? I think both... So, if you’re in Baguio, just visit the Burnharm Park and look for this coffee man.